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SIF1 Ė is a free universal video codec. Itís a multimedia compressor/decompressor which registers into Windows collection of multimedia drivers and integrates into any application using DirectShow and Microsoft Video for Windows. Itís based on the original proprietary algorithm of compression.

  • Information about technology used in this codec is here.

  • Demonstration video samples can be downloaded here.

  • Description of codec settings located on the separate help page.

   Further plans.
  1. SIF transform core code restructurization and multithreaded optimization.

  2. Adding a new higher-quality SIF transform modes through the use of PsyRD optimization.

  3. Adding support for quarter-pixel motion compensation.

  4. Writing a portable SIF1 encoding-decoding library for Linux.

  5. Performing SSE2 and multiprocessor optimization of the current code.

  6. Further development of new algorithms based on SIF-technology.


SIF1 video codec SIF1 video codec

    History of versions.

  • 1.20
    • Motion detection engine was restructured and optimized for multithreaded operation (up to 32 threads). In current code multithreaded optimization is done using a temporal scheme since the core of SIF transform is the last big unit of code that is not working in multithreaded mode.
    • Added multithreaded modes of an entropy codec operation (up to 8 threads). Thus, the decoder now have full multithreading support and supports decoding of streams with 80+ mbits bitrate.
    • Codec now supports vertical resolution that is not a multiple of 16.
    • Implemented different (in terms of speed & quality) motion detection engine presets.
    • Added checking for correct input. Now the decoder doesn't crash on corrupt or invalid files.
    • Added turbo first pass mode - about two times faster than second in two-pass mode.
    • New PsyRD extrapolation engine, used in the motion detection engine, is written. Due to this, another significant improvement in sharpness and detail of compressed image was achieved.
  • 1.10
    • Code of motion compensation engine was restructured.
    • All main DSP engines of the decoder were optimized for multithreaded operation. Up to 32 parallel threads are supported.
    • Parameters of the SIF compression core were optimized and psycho-visual model was improved. At the result sharpness and detail of compressed image were significantly improved.
    • Fixed bug in compression core that appeared when vertical image resolution was not a multiple of 32.
    • Fixed bug in codec that lead to crash on old machines without SSE instruction set support. Thanks to Alexander Budchanin for testing.
  • 1.00
    • All basic units of codec were almost fully rewritten. Functionality of compression core have been significantly improved.
    • Quality of compression enormously increased.
    • Added full set of compressions modes.
    • Debugged and improved psycho-visual model.
    • Codec format was fixed and will be published in the form of open specification.
    • Unfortunately this version is not compatible with all previous versions, but this is the last significant changing of the format.
  • 0.45 Alpha4
    • Decoding speed has been increased over 1.6 times.
    • Total compression efficiency has been increased.
    • Level of some image compression artifacts has been decreased.
    • Psycho-visual model has been significantly improved.
  • 0.40 Alpha3
    • Algorithm has been improved and operation efficiency of the Core6 analyzing part has been increased. Level of some image artifacts has been decreased.
    • Algorithm of quantizer operation has been changed.
    • Added adaptive algorithm of bitrate control.
    • Sharpness of decoded image has been significantly increased.
    • Psycho-visual model has not been finally debugged. However, it operation is acceptable.
    • Total compression efficiency has been significantly increased.
    • This version is not compatible with the previous one, but all subsequent versions of the codec should decode video compressed by the former version.
  • 0.30 Alpha2
    • Entropy codec has been corrected and modified.
    • Level of some image compression artifacts has been significantly decreased.
    • Improved functionality of the motion compensation engine.
    • Added automatic key frame arrangement.
    • Compression efficiency has been significantly increased.
    • Added support of input color spaces: RGB32, YUY2, and YV12.
    • This version is incompatible with the previous one.
  • 0.25 Alpha1 - First public version.

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